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       Updated July 2019. Books signed on request prior to packaging.

$10. Pelen by Bil Dirin. Translation into Serbo-Croatian of the short novel Wormwood (1997), by Milan Pupezin. INQUIRY Partizanska Rights Press.Kikinda. 2019.

$20. Enclosures 4. 2019. The last of the Enclosures series, is concerned with voicing and liberation in the focus media of cinema, theatre and the visual arts, through sound and silence, in darkness and in light. No ISBN. INQUIRY Reviewed in Landfall 237, Autumn 2019:

$20. Enclosures 3. 2017. Fiction, diary and experimental prose, travel diary in the south of France, a crime story in unpunctuated prose, a patient diary kept during a 48 week treatment and an experimental essay on the word tattoo. ISBN 979-10-91280-04-4  INQUIRY Review:

$20. Enclosures 2. 2016. Fiction, poetry, diary, utopia and zootopia. Set in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, in an imaginary future, in a poem, and on a (possibly human) surface. Enclosures 2 spreads the net wide, searching for valid sources while pushing at the limits of genres. ISBN 979-10-91280-04-4 . INQUIRY Review:

$10. Enclosures [#1]. (reduced price due to slightly aged covers) Trans-generic novel in five parts. Autobiography, fable and the fantastic.Titus 2008. INQUIRY ISBN 978-1-877441-06-6  Image Review: :


$20. Versions Translations. Free roaming through centuries of short poems of European origin, particularly the sonnet, translated during medical treatment. 'Bilingual' publication. NO ISBN. (Two copies left) INQUIRY

$20. Dunedin Poems. Short musings written in Dunedin 2007. Hand-bound covers capture the Dunedin light. (Two copies left, July 2019). INQUIRY

$85. Devonport, A Diary. 2011. First fruit of six months as Michael King Writers Centre Fellow 2010-2011. A beautiful edition from Holloway Press, published (designed) by Peter Simpson and Tara McLeod. Image. Holloway Press. ISBN 978-0-9864618-0-4 Image (Three copies left, July 2019). INQUIRY


$10. Utopia Rag. 2014. Reissue of 2002 novel with original working title. Some history of NZ and an angle on 80s Christchurch pop culture that led to Flying Nun Records. (Tank Press, 60 copies). ISBN 0-9582534-7-1  Review: "A well-written often humorous paradigm for the 21st century" (Anna Chin, NZ Listener, Dec. 2002).INQUIRY

$10 Coma. Three short stories. One inside the mind of an overdose, left to die by the manager of a band who doesn't want a scandal. One about a hitch-hiker who is pissed over by a gang. One about a family separated by a futuristic war. (Three left) INQUIRY

$5. Tourtagebuch. 2013. Translation into German by Arno Loeffler of a tour diary kept by Bill Direen in 1994 while performing all over German-speaking Europe. ISBN 979-10-91280-00-6. [Availability t.b.c., as stock is held elsewhere]. INQUIRY

$10 each. Percutio. Journal of poetry, fiction extracts, translations, version, and historical essays relating to Europe and New Zealand. (Bill Direen Editor) 2006 (Pilot), 2007 Nr. 1 to last issue of 2017 Nr. 11. Percutio Publications. ISSN 1953-1427 Image. INQUIRY 

$10. Song of the Brakeman. Novel. Titus Auckland & Paris. 2006. ISBN 0-9582586-7-8 INQUIRY 

$10. New Sea Land. Poem. "I love the way this extract starts and ends with a piece of improvised incantation. He's a musician of words." L. Edmeades. INQUIRY

$10. Nusquama. Translation into German by Arno Loeffler 2006 of 2001 novel about the families of a NZ pop group. 
ISBN 0-9582534-5-1 Image INQUIRY

$10. Jules. Novel about an art teacher rambling through Paris. Alpha/Addenda Christchurch. 2002 ISBN 0-9583266-4-9 Image. INQUIRY

$10. Onaevia. An attempted history and mythology of an imaginary land. Alpha. 2004. ISBN 0-9583266-7-3 Think of it as a proto-Particracy from before the internet age. INQUIRY

$10. Nusquama Novel. Two novellas and eight short stories (some in first person) about the extended familes of a NZ pop group. Alpha/Addenda Christchurch. 2001 ISBN. "A well-written often humorous paradigm for the 21st century" (Anna Chin, NZ Listener, Dec. 2002). INQUIRY